The Translation/Interpretation industry, like any other industry out there has its own set of challenges to overcome. It isn’t just about converting words from one language into words in another. If it were that simple, businesses wouldn’t be having a hard time trying to capture markets outside of their home territory.

Language is a complex tool of communication that is influenced by various factors. So, it’s rarely a simple task of just translating/interpreting words and sentences. There are several unique requirements that must be met.

This conference seeks to educate the students of ASTI on the mechanisms of the translation/interpretation market.

The panelists for this event include:

  • Mr. DIOM RICHARD; Former Translator at the UN
  • Dr. AZAMBOU LAURENT; Head of Division II
  • Mr. MICHAEL SEFANDE; Interpreter at the African Union Commission
  • Mr. FOSSE FOSSE ARMEL; CEO of Perfectionist
  • Mr. TCHOUANDOM ERIC; Freelance Translator and,
  • Mr. ALEXIS WOWE; Expert in Intercultural Communication

The conference started with a word of prayer by Essoh Francois Aristide, Academic Officer of ASA. This was quickly followed by the singing of the national anthem.

The MC  gave the floor to the President of ASA, DJONGOUE TCHOULA VINY . He started by thanking the administration for being always there for the Association; the participants for their presence; and the panelists for having answered the invitation. He reiterated the missions ASA promised to realize for the well-being of students and called on every participant to applaud the administration for their continuous support to ASA. He finally thanked the panelists for their positive response to ASA’s invitation, and expressed indebtedness for the experience they came to share with the participants.

The floor was given to the Director of ASTI, Prof, SAKWE GEORGE MBOTAKE. He thanked all the guests for being present and especially appreciated the leadership skills of ASA’s EXCOS, who have undoubtedly left an indelible mark in the institution, due to full devotion to serve the institution. He thanked the panelists for their making it to the conference in spite of their tight schedules, and told them that there is the need for them to collaborate and urged all ASTI graduates in general to always think of coming back to share their experience. He expressed his will to invest in ASTI through the creation of an alumni group. He finally asked an ovation for Mr. DIOM Richard who is one of the pioneers of ASTI.