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To study at the Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters(ASTI), you must apply online through the university of Buea admissions page. The website contains all the information you need for the application process and the steps you need to take after you have completed it.

Degree Offered
Professional B.A. in Translation and Intercultural Studies

Objective of the Degree Program

The professional B.A. in Translation, Interpretation and Intercultural studies is an interdisciplinary professional program which aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • to introduce students to the major professional, practical and theoretical issues in the field of Intercultural Studies in general as well as Translation and Interpretation in particular.
  • to prepare students for the eventual specialization in Translation, Interpretation and Trans-related areas, as well as in a variety of professionally-oriented disciplines which require a mastery of issues and stakes in interculturality; intercultural relations with relevant training and increased awareness of the key issues relating to multiculturalism and to apply an understanding of these issues to practical situations or international contexts.
  • to provide the job market with qualified mid-level professionals in the areas of translation and interpretation

All students are trained in a three-language combination package. The third language is offered abinitio i.e. no initial knowledge of the language is required before training(students will be orientated and offered the opportunity to choose one among a series of major professionally-oriented electives which will be pursued to pre-specialization level throughout the course). However the course will be open to candidates with training in a third language as well. In this case, a placement test will be carried out to orientate them to the appropriate level of Study Skills in L3.

Candidates are advised to contact the School for the languages, the professional electives and areas of specialization currently offered.

Trainees are also given the opportunity to carry out in-situ Practicum, whereby they display their ability to solve concrete  problems in intercultural communication, translation, interpretation and terminology.

Duration of Studies

Four years

When to apply


How to apply
Students apply to ASTI online through the University of Buea website www.ubuea.cm . Follow our step-by-step guide to the application process.

1. Find your program and check admission requirements
2. Submit your application
3. Submit your documents
4. Wait for the results of your application (selection is done by the admission board)

Admission requirements

Candidates for the professional B.A. in Translation and Intercultural Studies must be holders of the GCE Advanced Level Certificate or the Baccalauréate with a sound mastery of English and French. They must also choose a third language of their preference among those offered by the school.

Selection shall be done through the examination of the candidate’s application files and credentials by the University Admission Board.

Graduation Requirements

To qualify for the award of the professional B.A. in Translation and Intercultural Studies, the candidate must:

  • Have earned a minimum of 240 credits of requisite compulsory and elective courses
  • Complete the course in a minimum of 8 semesters or a maximum of 14 semesters
  • Satisfy any other requirements of undergraduate studies prescribed by Senate

School Fees


You will receive notification by email from University Admissions Board if you have been admitted.

Employment Opportunities

Depending on the options chosen by the trainees, possible career prospects include working as Junior Staff in such areas such as

  • Community Translation and Interpreting including from/into African Languages,
  • Sign Language Translation and Interpreting
  • Film Translation including dubbing and subtitling
  • Translating and Interpreting for Courts etc.

Graduates will also be in a position to further specialize in such areas as

  • SL/FL Teaching
  • Specialized Translation/Interpretation
  • International Relations
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Corporate Communication and Public Relations
  • Mass-Media
  • Journalism
  • Tourism within any multicultural setting, especially in regional and international organizations etc.

If you have general questions about applying to ASTI or UB, or problems creating or accessing your user account, please contact:

ASTI: University of Buea

If you have questions related to your application to ASTI, contact our Admissions Office



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